Recordings of 2020 LHRT Executive Committee and Research Forum Available

Zoom link to LHRT Executive Committee Meeting Recording:

Password: 4l+46j6N

Zoom Link to LHRT Research Forum Recording:

Password: 8t##9d+.

The LHRT Research Forum included:

>Presentation of the 2020 Donald G. Davis Award to Dr. Laura E. Helton for “On Decimals, Catalogs, and Racial Imaginaries of Reading.” PMLA 134, no. 1 (2019): 99-120.

>Paper by Dr. Jennifer Burek Pierce (University of Iowa) – “Turning Toward Technology: Implementing Computers and Non-Book Resources in U.S. Libraries, 1940-1963″

>Paper by Dr. Gregory Leazer (UCLA) and Dr. Robert D. Montoya (Indiana University) – “Origins and Reinforcements of the Public Library-School Library Divide, and the Crisis of Polygovermentailty”

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