Welcome to LHRT News and Notes, the blog of the Library History Round Table of the American Library Association.

Our blog includes news about the Round Table’s conferences, calls for papers, award announcements, and other items of interest from the world of library history.

The blog also features “notes”—informal essays about the people, themes, technologies, and collections in the history of libraries.

We encourage you to consider submitting a news item or an essay to LHRT News and Notes.  The blog considers submissions from anyone, whether or not they are part of LHRT.  Students, faculty, librarians, historians, and anyone with something to say about library history are all encouraged to submit.  If you have an idea for a post, please email our team at lhrtnewsandnotes@gmail.com.

Join our conversation about the fascinating history of libraries!  —Editor, Brett Spencer

  • An old book with a quill pen on top, and ink sitting to the side
  • Group of about 9 LHRT members having dinner in a restaurant
  • a car in front of a public library. Back of car is black-and-white and labeled "1943". A Front half is color and labeled "2018"
  • a medieval manuscript with old font and a drawing of a dragon head at the bottom
  • Children sitting at a table, looking through card catalog drawers.
  • People opening the drawer of a card catalog and pointing to the call number of the spine of a book.
  • An adult and several children are dancing in front of display tables.
  • A crowd of people at rows of tables with laptops. Two large screens in fron of the audience. A panelp of people at the front of the room.
  • a white cake with blue numbers 75 at the top along with green leaves
  • A brown, wooden card catalog with brass handles

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