Our gallery features a variety of media:

Images–images from our contributors, conference events, as well as historic library photos.

Historic Videos–early films produced by various libraries and their allies.

Documentaries and Lectures–informative videos from associations, LIS faculty and students, book talks, and more.

Virtual Tours of Historic Libraries–trips to libraries around the world you can take from your computer.

Infographics–powerful visual representations of various themes in the history of libraries.

a group of library staff sit in chairs watching a TV set against a backdrop of book stacks
Televised Midwinter President’s Program (1982). Group watching the televised Midwinter President’s Program from the Taron Springs Public Library in Florida. Caption reads: “Prez Program beamed across nation. Forty librarians, trustees, and friends gathered in the media center of the Tarpon Springs (Fla.) PL to view and participate in the Midwinter President’s Program, beamed by satellite from Denver to 55 sites around the nation.” Image and caption from American Library Association Archives