Book Review Opportunities

A group of children and adults at an exhibit.
“Dial A Book: Book Review for Young Adults” interactive exhibit displayed by the ALA during the New York World’s Fair in 1964. Image and caption from the American Library Association Archives.

Would you like to become more involved in the scholarly conversations about library history?  One great way to do that is by reviewing new books.  Libraries: Culture, History & Society (LCHS), the peer-reviewed journal of LHRT, publishes evaluative book reviews.

Book review guidelines are listed on pages 7-8 of the LCHS Submission Guidelines for Authors.  Please note that the reviews should be primarily evaluative rather than only descriptive.  Reviews should also situate the book within the historiography by comparing the book to other titles on the subject. Book reviews are not peer-reviewed; the journal editors make a decision on whether to accept a review. Here are three model reviews available open access:

Book Review (pp. 102-104). The British Soldier and His Libraries, c. 1822–1901 by Murphy, Sharon. Review by: Nancy B. DuPree. DOI: 10.5325/libraries.4.1.0102

Book Review (pp. 116-117). Books for Idle Hours: Nineteenth-Century Publishing and the Rise of Summer Reading by Harrington-Leuker, Donna. Review by: Suzanne M. Stauffer. DOI: 10.5325/libraries.4.1.0116

Book Review (pp. 113-115). A Literary Tour de France: The World of Books on the Eve of the French Revolution by Darnton, Robert. Review by: Malcolm Walsby. DOI: 10.5325/libraries.4.1.0113

This page lists:

1). Section 1: Books available for review 

2). Section 2: Books already assigned to a reviewer

3). Section 3: Books with published reviews in LCHS

Section 1:

Books Available for Review–If you are interested in reviewing one of these titles, please email the LCHS Book Review Editor, Brett Spencer, If you discover a title on library history that is not listed here and you are interested in reviewing it, please email the Book Review Editor to discuss further.

When a book is assigned for review, the title will be moved to the “Books Already Assigned to a Reviewer” section below.  New books are added continually, so check back soon!


Section 2:

Books Already Assigned to Reviewers–Someone has volunteered to review each of the following books.

Abouseif, Doris, Garrett Davidson, George Dimitri Sawa, Tobias Andersson, Hamza Malik, Damaris Wilmers, Jelle Bruning et al. The Book in Mamluk Egypt and Syria (1250-1517). Brill, 2018.

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Aljoumani, Said, and Konrad Hirschler. Owning Books and Preserving Documents in Medieval Jerusalem
The Library of Burhan al-Din
. Edinburgh, 2023.

Arango, Gustavo. Marilla Waite Freeman: A Life in Pictures, Articles, Letters and Manuscripts. Ediciones El Pozo, 2019.

Argent, Alan. Dr. Williams’s Trust and Library: A History. Boydell, 2022.

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Grandmougin, Anne-Cécile, and Tegan Raleigh. Lucien Herr Socialist Librarian of the French Third Republic. 2020.

Gulik, Egbertus van. Erasmus and His Books.  University of Toronto Press, 2018.

Hanbury, Dallas. The Development of Southern Public Libraries and the African American Quest for Library Access, 1898-1963. Lexington Books, 2020.

Hamilton, James. The British Museum: Storehouse of Civilizations.  Head of Zeus, 2018.

Hille, R. Thomas. The New Public Library: Design Innovation for the Twenty-First Century. Routledge, 2019.

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Yeo, Geoffrey. Record-Making and Record-Keeping in Early Societies. Routledge, 2021.,using%20different%20methods%20and%20technologies

Section 3:

Books with Published Reviews in LCHS–To view LCHS published reviews, please access the journal through a JSTOR subscription.  Members of the Library History Round Table receive a free subscription to LCHS with membership. To join, visit

Barndt, Kerstin & Carla M Sinopoli.  Object Lessons & the Formation of Knowledge: The University of Michigan Museums, Libraries, & Collections 1817-2017.  University of Michigan Press, 2017.

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