Library History Celebrations!

This summer, we have been compiling stories about how libraries commemorate their own histories, ranging from anniversary programming to collaborative book publications to digitization efforts, for a new column in LHRT News and Notes.  We have had six excellent submissions from libraries in Kansas, Florida, Illinois, California, and New York, that you can read here:
Thank you very much to all of the authors!!  All of your stories provide valuable case studies and supply great ideas to other libraries considering celebrations.
A few things I’ve learned from our authors:
>Library history celebrations reveal how beloved libraries are in their communities! It’s amazing to see the outpouring of support that these libraries experienced.
>Collaboration with library support groups and community partners is a key to successful celebrations.
>Library history commemorations help to honor library services of the past but also promote new library services in the present.
>Librarians have shown great creativity and resourcefulness in organizing their celebrations: poetry, 3-D printing, commemorative cards, scavenger hunts, locally-made movies, parades, and major book publications!
>Local library history campaigns foster the preservation of primary source materials, as libraries digitize artifacts, conduct oral history interviews, and uncover documents.
Why not organize a celebration of your local library’s history inspired by some of these stories?
If you know of other libraries who have recently commemorated their histories, please encourage them to submit their stories to LHRT News and Notes as well by emailing me at
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