Stories from Latinx in Librarianship

In complement to our coverage of Latinx Heritage Month, here are stories from Latinx librarians, or about library services to the Latinx community, published in recent years. Within the library history community, let’s continue to think of subtopics to research that could expand the scholarship on the topic.

Special Report: Nuestra Comunidad: Themes and Shared Experiences in a Latinx Librarian Cohort, Part I, by Aidy Weeks, Ruby Nugent, & Mayra Corn, WOClib

How Our Latinx and Spanish-Speaking Communities Continue to Positively Impact Libraries Today, by Eori Tokunaga, San Jose State University iSchool

Latinxs in Kid Lit at the Library: Interview with Librarian Yesenia Villar-Villalobos, by Sujei Lugo, Latinxs in Kid Lit

Pathways to Progress: Issues and Advances in Latino Librarianship, by John L. Ayala and ‎Salvador Guerena

Library Services to Youth of Hispanic Heritage, edited by Barbara Froling Immroth and Kathleen de la Peña McCook

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