Special Delivery: Philatelic Library Models and Access to Collections [Tara Murray Grove]

Here is another fantastic poster from a fellow LHRT member. In this poster, Tara Murray Grove, Librarian for Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures at Penn State University and former President of the Special Library Association, discusses philatelic libraries. You may remember that Tara also wrote a history of the American Philatelic Research Library for the blog in the past (it is the second entry down on the “Library Chronicles” page).

Per her poster abstract, “Philatelic libraries—libraries dedicated to stamp collecting and postal history—provide a promising case study for investigating how the development of non-profit special library structures and practices influence the level of public access to collections.” You’ll find facts about each library’s history within their profiles in the attached poster. Tara also explains in the poster that “the next phase of this project will investigate the history of each library with the aim of understanding the role of non-profit special libraries in society and how they build relationships with other institutions.” We’re excited to watch her project unfold!!

Special Delivery: Philatelic Library Models and Access to Collections


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