LHRT 75th Anniversary Celebration!

Hello everyone,

Hope your summer is proceeding well!

To help mark LHRT’s 75th Anniversary,  Andrew Wertheimer, David M. Hovde, Emily Spunaugle, and Cara Bertram at the ALA Archives have graciously provided photos from LHRT’s past for a special celebration page on LHRT News & Notes at:


Wayne Wiegand, Bernadette Lear, and Eric Novotny also contributed much in the way of ideas and information for the captions.  Many, many thanks to all of them for their work!

Hope everyone enjoys looking through the albums, either to reminisce or to learn for the first time about LHRT’s past, people, and accomplishments.

Your help is needed LHRT members!  There are key people in the Round Table for whom we are missing photos.  There are also lots of seminars and conferences that we have no photos for at all.  If you have photos from LHRT’s past, please consider emailing them to me at dbs21@psu.edu.

 We also need help identifying some of the people in the photos we already have on the page, or adding more content to the captions.  There must be many out there who have pictures, anecdotes, or background information they can add to the celebratory albums.  Perhaps there are also some out there who have old seminar and conference agendas or other ephemera that you could scan and send as well.

As we celebrate LHRT’s 75th Anniversary, let’s also celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the ALA Archives, which serves as the foundation for so much library historical work, by enjoying their digital collections and online exhibits: https://www.library.illinois.edu/ala/blog/

Happy Anniversary LHRT and ALA Archives!


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