With a Stroke of the Chaveta

At the blog we just heard about the debut of what sounds like a fascinating new film:

From a flier from the Director Pam Sporn: “At a time when educators are facing conservative efforts to ban books and shut down discussions of critical issues of history, it is inspiring for students to learn about grassroots movements to defend the right to literacy and knowledge of the broader world. With A Stroke Of The Chaveta is a unique film that will take your students into the legendary cigar factories of Cuba to witness the survival of the tradition of “la lectura de tabaquería,” the collective reading of literature while tabaqueros roll cigars.”

Sounds very interesting! Check out the preview . Looks like it’ll be coming out on DVD as well as in streaming through services like Kanopy.

If anyone out there gets to see it, please consider sending a review to News & Notes!

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