New journal platform and free access to LCHS


Library History Round Table’s scholarly journal, Libraries: Culture, History, and Society (LCHS) is migrating to a new platform for online issues, the Scholarly Publishing Collective. Going forward, all issues of the journal will appear on our Scholarly Publishing Collective site.

At the present time, you can preview the new site AND access all content free. As part of the site’s initial launch and testing, issues of LCHS will be open access until March 31. After that date, access will revert to the usual subscription terms. Members of LHRT will continue to receive free access (online and print) as part of their round table membership, so if you’re not currently an ALA/LHRT member, now is a great time to join!

We will miss the affiliation we had with JSTOR’s current scholarship program, which JSTOR discontinued in 2021. But there’s a lot to like about our new site with the Scholarly Publishing Collective. It is easy to navigate, and the pages look good even when there is a lot of information!  We expect authors and readers will like to see the number of page views and article downloads embedded in the article page, as well as links to Google Scholar.  

We welcome your thoughts, questions, and concerns, especially concerning accessibility, functionality, and desired enhancements. Much like JSTOR, there will be aspects of the new platform that won’t be under our control, but we can and will advocate for improvements as the site launches.

Eric Novotny and Bernadette Lear

Editors, Libraries: Culture, History, and Society

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