New Article Alert: Librarians and Progressivism

Hi library history enthusiasts:

Check out this new article about an American librarian who combined his professional career with Progressive activism!:

David Lincove. “Charles B. Galbreath: Progressive Librarian, Scholar, Poet, and Promoter of Ohio History, 1858-1934,”  Ohio State University Knowledge Bank, 2022.  79p.  


Abstract from OSU Knowledge Bank: “Charles Burleigh Galbreath was important for his contributions to the growth of collections and services at the State Library of Ohio and the expansion of public libraries as State Librarian from 1896-1911, 1915-1918, and 1927-1929. At the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society he was a leader, educator, and promoter of Ohio history as Secretary, Editor, and Librarian from 1920-1934. Galbreath promoted reading and education throughout Ohio, and he worked to organize research collections of primary sources, books and journals, newspapers, and state documents. His professional career was influenced by his Progressive political activism through his longtime dedication to the Ohio Republican Party. He was known for his support for Progressive reforms, organizational vision and skill, political influence, and avocation as a poet.”

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