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Libraries: Culture, History, and Society (LCHS) is now accepting submissions for volume 5, number 2, to be published in Fall 2021. Submissions are due at the end of the month and will be peer-reviewed this Spring. Importantly, because the following (Spring 2022) issue is focused on Black female librarians, the next open call for submissions will be for volume 6, number 2, to be published in Fall 2022. In other words, if you’ve been sitting on a manuscript, now’s the time to send it to us! 🙂

LCHS brings together scholars from many disciplines to examine the history of libraries as institutions, collections, and services, as well as the experiences of library employees and users. There are no limits of time period or geography, and libraries of every type are included (private, public, corporate, academic libraries, and special collections). In addition to Library Science, the journal welcomes contributors from History, English, Literary Studies, Sociology, Gender/Women’s Studies, Race/Ethnic Studies, Political Science, Architecture, and other disciplines.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through LCHS’s Editorial Manager system at . They must also conform to the instructions for authors at .

New scholars, and authors whose work is in the “idea” stage, are welcomed to contact the editors if they would like guidance prior to submission.    For further questions, please contact us:

Bernadette Lear,

Eric Novotny,

Looking forward to hearing from you — 

Bernadette and Eric 

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