Happy Bookmobile Day

Today is Bookmobile Day, a part of National Library Week in the United States. Celebrate the day with some of these links:

A Tribute to the Bookmobile By Larry T. Nix

A wonderful virtual tour of the bookmobile through time, with a summary and different images of bookmobiles

Bookmobility By Derek Attig

Terrific site about “information in motion”, covering the bookmobile’s history as well as related topics.

Biblioburro: The Donkey Library By Carlos Rendón Zipagauta

Details of an excellent PBS documentary that “tells the story of one man’s journey to bring books to children in the Colombian countryside. Throughout history, bookmobile founders have often had a similar goal — bringing literacy to the masses.”

American Library Association–Bookmobile Pinterest Page

Fantastic array of images of moving libraries past and present.

Association of Bookmobile & Outreach Services

Check out the Newsletter for the current happenings in bookmobile services, and see the History of the Association.

Digital Bookmobile

“A high-tech update to the traditional Bookmobile, this community outreach vehicle is for public libraries and schools to promote their digital catalog of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and streaming video to their community”

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