Libraries and the Australian bush fires

Many of you may have heard of the devastating bush fires burning large swathes of the Australian landscape. These fires to date have destroyed over 2000 homes, are estimated to have killed half a billion animals and burnt 5 million hectares (over 12 million acres). Libraries have been playing there part with many small community libraries acting as a haven sheltering those fleeing their towns and homes, avoiding smoke, seeking respite from soaring temperatures and as places where people can access information. To assist communities and to support the largely volunteer firefighters many fundraisers have been established. An initiative emerging from the Australian author, library, publishing and book industry which may be of interest to the library community is the twitter auction #AuthorsForFireys . An explanation of this may be found here and a compilation of some of the activities found here

Frighting times as most of the East coast of Australia is covered in smoke haze and the smell of fires burning.

posted by Mary Carroll in smokey Melbourne, Australia

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