Library History Jeopardy!

Grab your buzzers! Please click on Library History Jeopardy to play a game of the classic TV quiz show sponsored by LHRT News & Notes.

[Background: Library History Jeopardy was developed on Jeopardy Labs, an educational site that offers a free Jeopardy-style template. Jeopardy Labs was created by Matt Johnson, and now hosts over two million quizzes from thousands of schools and colleges. You can read more about this neat instructional tool in recent articles from the United Federation of Teachers, Ed Week, and various university sites. Many of you have likely saw or heard the recent story of how Emma Boettcher, a brilliant librarian at the University of Chicago who had written her LIS thesis on the syntax of Jeopardy clues, pulled off some spectacular wins on the American game show Jeopardy.]

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