Publications: Foreign Book Lists, 1898-1927 (ALA Archives Post)

LHRT’s 2019 Research Forum, Walls, Wells, or Welcomes: Libraries in the Lives of Immigrants, Old and New, at the ALA Conference this summer will focus on library services for immigrants.

Salvatore De Sando at the ALA Archives heard about our upcoming event and took the initiative to create some posts related to this theme on the ALA Archives Blog this year!  Here is his latest post:

Publications: Foreign Book Lists, 1898-1927

“During the late 1800s and early 1900s, as great waves of immigrants came to the United States, the American Library Association and librarians produced a series of resources to support library services for new immigrants. Each publication is rich in the experienced perspectives of library leaders of its time. Read on to learn more about early foreign language book lists!”

Find this post and many others here.

Thanks and kudos to Salvatore!



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