Pictures from LHRT Activities at 2018 ALA Conference!

Thanks to Jenny Bossaller for sending these pictures from the ALA conference!  If anyone else out there has images or reflections about the conference, please email to me ( or add them directly to the page using the “Comments” feature.



Two speakers smiling and sitting at a black table surrounded by microphones.
Stephen Knowlton and Margaret Bausman at the research forum.
A professor standing behind a black table with microphones on it, talking to 2 conference attendees.
Mary Niall Mitchell speaking to attendees after the Holley lecture.
A couple smiling and standing together, wearing conference badges.
Margaret Hung and her husband. Margret received the Phyllis Dain award.
A collection of historical-looking materials, listing words like "entrees" and "cuisine"
Historical menus at the Southern Food and Beverage museum’s Culinary Library and Archive

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