Showcasing Library History Through an Exhibit…

Searching through Google’s news feed this week, I ran across an article by Wendy Fawthrop of the Orange County Register that spotlighted a special library history event.

A library in California has provided a shining example of how to teach patrons about library history through a fabulous exhibit about its history entitled “Pollak Library: 60 Years of Community Service.”  Trish Campbell serves as the Curator.

The exhibit covers the library’s social utopian-inspired architecture, an earthquake’s impact on the stacks, and a student protest against library budget cuts.  Also included are displays of past library technologies such as card catalogs and slide carousels.  Check out the exhibit site for photos and more!

The exhibit format seems like a great model for other libraries who would like to showcase their rich histories for patrons.  Libraries arrange exhibits on many topics: let’s arrange some on our libraries’ histories as Pollack has done.

Hats off to Ms. Campbell, her staff, and the Pollak Library for an inspiring idea!

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