Celebrating National Library Week 2017

Happy National Library Week!

LHRT News and Notes blog has received several histories in celebration of National Library Week.  Please click here to read the full essays and enjoy the historic photos:


A Short History of Kirby Library
By Ana Ramirez Luhrs
“The Kirby Library is a remarkable library in more ways than one..if only all our libraries could preserve their rich histories so successfully”

A Brief History of the Medical Library of the University of Missouri
By Taira Meadowcroft and Terri Hall
“The history of the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library is a reminder that libraries–by continually expanding and enhancing their informational support to lab researchers as well as the frontline professionals in the war against disease—have played a key role in the medical revolution of the past several decades that has given us many of the cures that we all enjoy today.”

The Santa Monica Public Library: An Illustrated History
By Kathy Lo
“A beautiful example of local library history…richly illustrated, the author showcases SMPL as a center of local culture…from the Women’s Christian Temperance Union of the nineteenth century to the environmental design campaigns of the twenty-first century…”

History of the Margaret H. McAllen Memorial Archives of the Museum of South Texas History
By Phyllis Kinnison
“one archives grew from a collection of land deeds to a robust, museum-based research library…now serves patrons from many fields who are interested in Mexican history, United States history, and the history of how the two national cultures streamed together in the Borderlands to produce a rich heritage.”

In Vivid Colors: The Impact and Relevance of the Browne Popular Culture Library at Bowling Green State University
By William Blick
“illustrates how libraries helped sustain the rise of social history scholarship over the past several decades…The Library has blossomed through generous gifts over several decades to become ‘a landmark for cultural critics and scholars’ as Mr. Blick notes.   The collection now includes everything from an E.T. mask to McDonald’s Happy Meal toys”

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Brett Spencer
Editor, LHRT News and Notes

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