LHRT Chair Appoints Co-Editors of New LHRT Journal

LHRT Chair, Dominique Daniel, appointed Eric Novotny and Bernadette Lear co-editors of LHRT’s new journal. Mr. Novotny is LHRT Chair-Elect and is the Acting Head Arts and Humanities Library and History, History of Science, and Middle East Studies Librarian at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park. Ms. Lear is Past-Chairperson of LHRT and is the Behavioral Sciences and Education Librarian at the Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg.

“Both are library history scholars with a strong publication record, and have demonstrated their commitment to LHRT and library history scholarship in more ways than one over the years. They will lead the efforts to build the structure and content of the new journal. I have no doubt that they will be successful in this important enterprise and extend to them all my thanks for taking on this responsibility,” Dr. Daniel posted on the LHRT listserv.

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