“Notes” are our feature articles. Here are our major sections:

Library Chronicles–histories of specific libraries.

Information Innovations–essays about the development of technologies, tools, and systems that have revolutionized libraries and information management.

Themes Through the Ages–notes about broad movements in library history, such as intellectual freedom, the ideal of neutrality, the campaign for literacy, and more.

Biographies–articles about librarians, famous and lesser-known, who helped create the philosophy and practice of librarianship as we know it today.

Celebrations–articles reporting on libraries’ historical celebrations, these libraries offer ideas for fellow libraries planning commemorative programs.

Consider submitting a note about the history of your library, a technology or trend in libraries, a biography of a librarian who inspired you, or a field report about a library history event! See our How To Submit page for more details.

Cass County Library Square Dance Class. An example of how local libraries have served as centers for many community events throughout history. Image from the American Library Association Archives
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