About News and Notes

Purpose and Scope: The Library History Round Table (LHRT) encourages research and publication on library history and promotes awareness and discussion of historical issues in librarianship.  In support of this goal, LHRT News and Notes provides a venue for news items and informal papers related to the history of libraries anywhere in the world.  It complements the work of LHRT’s peer-reviewed research journal, Libraries: Culture, History & Society.

News items may include:

>LHRT committee reports.

>Library history award announcements.

>News from the American Library Association and other relevant associations.

>Profiles of LHRT members and other contemporary librarians of note.

>Calls for papers.

>Other types of items.

News stories are published as soon as possible to the “News” section of the site, and everyone following the blog will receive a notification.

Notes are short, informal essays about library history.  These essays can consist of:

>Brief research papers.

>Reviews of book, articles, films, websites, and digital technologies relevant to library history.

>Advice from seasoned library historians about research methods or theory applications (including question-and-answer papers).

>Summations of works in progress.

>Short biographical pieces about specific librarians in history.

>Short histories of library buildings.

>Overviews of library history primary source collections.

>Letters to the editor.

>Other types of items.

Notes are published as soon as they are reviewed and accepted by the editorial group, usually within a month.  Notes will be posted to a relevant section of the blog, please see the top menu bar for the various categories.

Toy Lending Library at the Washington Elementary School, run by the Minneapolis Public Library (circa 1940). Caption Reads: Toy-lending library at Washington School, Minneapolis, under auspices of Minneapolis Public Library. “Toyrarians” are volunteer workers. Image from ALA Archives.

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