History of Library Services to Latinx in the USA

The USA holds National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15–October 15 each year. At the blog we’ll plan to cover articles about the history of libraries and Latinx during this time.

Here are several sources to start us off. Many thanks to Kathleen de la Peña McCook for helping us compile these links!:

Long, Alicia K., and Lucia M. Gonzalez. “Changing the Face of Librarianship: REFORMA and Library Services to Latino Communities.” USF School of Information Alice G. Smith Lecture. (December 16, 2021).

Long, Alicia. “Library Services to Latino Communities in the U.S.: REFORMA’S Legacy as an Agent of Change.” Florida Libraries 65, no. 2 (Fall-Winter 2022-2023): 26-30.

“The Legacy of REFORMA: the First 50 Years,” a documentary produced by Mario A. Ascencio and Carlos Rodriguez for REFORMA’s 50th Anniversary includes interviews with REFORMA’s founders and leaders including Elizabeth Martinez, John Ayala, Roberto Trujillo, Cesar Caballero, Luis Herrera, Albert J. Milo, Sandra Rios Balderrama, Roxana Benavides, Lucia M. Gonzalez, Tess Tobin, Romelia Salinas and Nicanor Diaz.

Guerena, Salvador, and Edward Erazo. “Latinos and librarianship.” Library Trends 49, no. 1 (2000): 138-181.

Watch for more posts about Latinx library history over the next month!

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