Labor and Libraries in History

September 4th is Labor Day in the USA, accordingly here are some links about librarian unionism as well as library services to unions:

Latham, J. M. (2011). Memorial Day to Memorial Library: The South Chicago Branch Library as cultural terrain, 1937–1947. Libraries & the Cultural Record, 46(3), 321–342.

Union Library Workers blog:

Daniel, Dominqiue. “Knowledge is Power: The Rise and Fall of the Libraries of the United Automobile Workers’ Union,” Libraries: Culture, History, and Society 3 no. 1 (2019): 72-96. DOI: 10.5325/libraries.3.1.0072 [Available for free to LHRT members].

Biblo, Herbert. “Librarians and Trade Unionism: A Prologue.” (1976). Library Trends 25, no. 2 (1976).

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ALA Statement–Unions and Collective Bargaining

Workers in the processing room at Flint Public Library in Flint, Michigan. Image from the ALA Archives.
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