In Honor of the International Day for People of African Descent

The United Nations has declared August 31st of each year to be an International Day for People of African Descent, a time to honor the accomplishments of peoples descended from the African Diaspora. As such, please check out:

Finally, A Library That Functions As An Archive Of Books, Music And Film For Black People (By Daysha Loppie,

Turning Nairobi’s Public Libraries Into ‘Palaces for the People’–A Kenyan nonprofit is restoring iconic public libraries, leaving behind a segregated past and turning them into inclusive spaces (By Abdi Latif Dahir, New York Times)


Haitian Immigrants’ Information Needs and Behaviors: Libraries,
Information Professionals and Haitians in the United States (By Natasha Finnegan, San Jose School of Information Student Research Journal)

Work begins on Liberia’s first post-war public library (By David Rogers, Global Construction Review)

Library of Africa and the African Diaspora, Accra, Ghana–Digital Collections

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