Beyond Words…An Extraordinary Exhibit

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Amanda Belantara with her Rule No. 5 exhibit, a multi-media exhibit she created along with A.M. Alpin that won LHRT's first Innovation and Advocacy Award in 2023.

Dear Readers,


That is one of the only words I could find that can come anywhere close to describing Rule No. 5. 

Named for Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science, Rule No. 5 is a novel multimedia exhibit by Amanda Belantara and A.M. Alpin–but it transcends this form. It is an immersive sensory experience that takes us deep into the mind of library workers, expressing what they think, what they feel, and how they perceive their libraries. 

Indeed, I think Belantara and Alpin’s exhibit can be described as an opera about libraries, as it brings together an incredible variety of artistic forms.  You’ll find poetic tributes; classical music; miniatures and artifacts; kaleidoscopic imagery; state-of-the-art cinematography; scintillating metaphors; rhetorical questions; kinesthetic experiences; and amazing sound compositions.  The creators weave these together into an entrancing exploration of the soul of libraries.

I encourage everyone to experience this for themselves at:

More about the Creators from the press release:

A.M. Alpin is an award-winning filmmaker, librarian, and scholar who uses digital and analog technology to tell compelling stories. Her body of work explores themes of memory and how we create personal and public histories.

Amanda Belantara is an audiovisual artist-anthropologist and librarian. She aspires to cultivate community and social change through creative exchange and incorporates sound recordings to uncover aural perspectives that are often missing from written works.

Amanda is a member of LHRT, and co-organizer of LHRT Reads. She can be reached at

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