Hidden Literacies from Trinity College

Please check out the incredible digital collection below, as described in a recent post on SHARP-L!!:


I’m writing to let you know about a resource you might find useful at  

Hidden Literacies brings together leading scholars of historical literacy to investigate the surprising, often neglected roles reading and writing have played in the lives of marginalized Americans—from Indigenous and enslaved people to prisoners and young children.  By presenting high-resolution images of archival texts and pairing them with expert commentary, Hidden Literacies aims to make these writers and texts—which too often lie below the radar of American literature curricula—more available and accessible to teachers and researchers.  

Edited by Chris Hager and Hilary Wyss, with an accompanying podcast by Mary Mahoney, Hidden Literacies features essays by  

Tara Bynum  

Katy Chiles  

Matt Cohen  

Ellen Cushman  

Drew Newman 

Margaret Noodin 

Phillip Round 

Karen Sanchez-Eppler  

Jodi Schorb  

Caroline Wigginton 

Kelly Wisecup 

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