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Posting for LRRT! LHRT members have a lot to offer!
Dear colleagues,

Please consider participating in the Library Research Round Table’s Virtual Mentorship program! You do not need to be an LRRT member to participate.

 If you are attending the American Library Association conference, there will be a meeting about this on Sunday, June 26, at 4 p.m. in the Washington Convention Center, room 102A. We will also have an online meeting in July. If you can’t attend the meetings but want to sign up to be a mentor or mentee, you can do so here:


LRRT Mentorship Program

What is the LRRT Mentorship Program?

The central purposes of the Library Research Round Table (LRRT) Mentorship Program are to promote and support the development of rigorous, substantive research in information and library science, and to help individual scholars succeed professionally. Through professional relationships with experienced mentors, each mentee will develop skills in areas like creating research designs, conducting surveys, collecting and analyzing data, writing papers and disseminating the results to both the research and professional library communities.

Mentee Opportunities

Mentees that participate in the program are able to seek the advice of their mentor as they develop their research project and bring their project to completion. You will be advised through the process as you report on your research through papers for publication in journals, conference proceedings or presentations at the LRRT Research Forums.

Mentor Opportunities

Mentors that participate in the program have the opportunity to advise their mentees as they develop and execute their research projects, helping them to bring their projects to completion. Mentors are also asked to work with their mentees on preparing a brief presentation on their research (in progress or completed) at a LRRT Mentorship Program Forum.

Benefits and Outcomes of the Program

As a mentee, you will have an experienced mentor’s advice on your project, as well as a community of practice of other beginning researchers to draw upon. As a mentor, you will be providing a valuable service to the profession by supporting other librarians as they develop their research skills. As partners, you both will have the opportunity to enhance the profession’s knowledge base.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you are interested in participating as either a mentor or mentee, please contact the LRRT Mentorship Program Subcommittee Chair. If you are going to ALA Annual (2022), please visit our event on Sunday, June 26, at 4pm. We will also be holding a Webinar in July (TBA).

Karen R. Harker

LRRT Mentorship Program Subcommittee Chair

Jenny Bossaller
Associate Professor
University of Missouri

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