Navigating Historical Datasets and its Applications to Modern Research [LJ Webcasts Sponsored by Wiley Digital Archives]

Title: Navigating Historical Datasets and its Applications to Modern Research

Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Time: 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour

Modern tools are allowing researchers to explore archival data sets digitally in an easier and more efficient way than ever before. This has resulted in an increased interest across disciplines in data storytelling and methods of connecting historical data sets with modern research. 

As these data sets become more accessible researchers and librarians are raising important questions about the ethics of historical data – how was this data captured? How was this data influenced by research and ideologies at that time? And importantly, how can it be contextualized and used ethically in contemporary research?

Join digital humanities experts Cindy Shirkey, Liaison Coordinator & Collection Strategist at East Carolina University, Daan F. Oostveen, Editor-in-chief of Future Humanities, and Francesco Tava, Associate Professor of Philosophy at UWE Bristol for a discussion on the opportunities and methods for using historical archival data in modern research, and the ethics of historical datasets.

Drawing on their extensive knowledge of historical data sets and ethics, the speakers will show examples of how new tools and technology support data storytelling, and how they can be utilized by librarians and researchers. 

Audience members can expect to learn: 

•    How librarians and researchers are using historical datasets across different disciplines for modern research. 
•    The ethical debates around historical datasets and the importance of contextualizing data for use in modern research.  
•    Strategies for incorporating historical data storytelling and ethics into the classroom.  
•    Development of new technology to help interpret text as data.
•    New methods and tools that support data storytelling including data visualization, exportable datasets, term frequency, and term groups. 
•    Examples of how historical data can be used to support modern research of global issues such as race and inequality, climate change, population changes, and global health. 

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