Last Chance — Library History Seminar 2021

Hi all —

Library History Seminar is fast approaching! If you’ve registered for the conference, please watch your e-mail (and junk?) files over the next few days for messages from Event Brite. These will contain the Zoom URLs for the conference. If you haven’t registered, but are considering attending, see the conference program and register right away!  

Also, there are still opportunities to speak at our 2 “Lightning Rounds.” If you would like to participate, see the descriptions of each program below and get in contact with either Ellen Pozzi or Bernadette Lear by 5:00 p.m. Eastern tomorrow. 

On Thursday, June 10th, 6:00-7:00 p.m. Eastern, “Bring Your Own Book” will feature colleagues who have authored library-related books since the last LHS in 2015. Speakers will have up to 5 minutes each to talk about their work, including their topics, methods, conclusions, interesting anecdotes, and whatever else they would like to share. If you’re interested in presenting at Bring Your Own Book, please contact Ellen Pozzi ( 

On Friday, June 11th, 6:00-7:00 p.m. Eastern, “Collector’s Corner” will celebrate the historical material culture of libraries. Speakers will show-and-tell library-related artifacts and obsolete technologies from their institutional or personal collections. Each person will have up to 5 minutes each to talk about their items’ features, history, and whatever else they would like to share. If you’re interested in presenting at Collector’s Corner, please contact Bernadette A. Lear (

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference!
Bernadette  🙂

Bernadette A. Lear (she/her/hers/Ms.)

Behavioral Sciences and Education Librarian, Harrisburg

Affiliate Faculty, Education Library and Pennsylvania Center for the Book, University – 717-948-6360

Co-Editor of Libraries: Culture, History, and Society 

Contributor to the Literary and Cultural Heritage Maps of Pennsylvania

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