New Volunteer: Terry Schiavone

Hello, fellow LHRT members! Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to  LHRT News and Notes. I look forward to and excited for being part of such an awesome group.  

I first discovered LHRT when a library colleague suggested that I join because of my interest and educational background in history. As a student at San Jose State University’s iSchool program, the opportunity to work with the blog team and enhance my knowledge of library history is indispensable. Currently I work as a content editor for the Student Research Journal, which expounds scholarly communications and editorial production that give me a sense of the peer-review process. In addition, I write book reviews for Libraries: culture, history, and society with my first published recently. As a student volunteer for LHRT News and Notes my goals are to share and contribute to the site’s burgeoning library history related content. I intend to interview library historians and occasionally send out listings of library history related primary sources freely available on the web.   

I currently work at Penn State University Libraries as a digital processing specialist in the Preservation, Conservation, and Digitization Department. Starting in the department as a part time employee offered me experience in an academic library environment. Although my position does not The department and library as a whole provided the encouragement and resources to pursue a M.L.I.S and further develop my love for history in context of libraries. Prior to Penn State, I worked for Amazon distribution from 2011-2016. I wrap up my M.L.I.S degree from San Jose State University in the Spring. In the recent past I completed degrees in American history from Wilkes and West Chester Universities. I thoroughly enjoy my experience and the resources on offer at Penn State. I consider the work I and the department does exceptionally valuable not only for the Penn State community, but the wider research community as we make more of the special collections materials digitally accessible to faculty, students, and patrons. 

Lastly, in my spare time I have a few hobbies that include not surprisingly reading as well as scale model painting, photography, traveling to historic sites (mainly Civil War battlefields), baking and cooking, and the occasional brewery or distillery tour.  

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