Call for Student Papers: LHRT News & Notes

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Dear Students,

It’s hard to believe that we’re at the end of another semester!  Hope your papers, theses, book reviews, presentations, and other class projects are going well.

We would like to invite you to submit your library history-related projects to LHRT News and Notes, the official blog of ALA’s Library History Round Table.

We’d be quite happy to consider your papers in whatever format you are using in your course.  We can work together to make revisions and edits, if needed, so that we can publish your papers on the blog.

Why submit to LHRT News and Notes?

>Populating the blog supports LHRT’s mission of increasing public awareness of library history.

>Sharing your paper in an open access blog helps fellow library history scholars researching the same topic.

>Submitting to LHRT News and Notes is friendly and non-intimidating with flexible guidelines.

>Publishing in an official ALA blog boosts your resume.

Please see our <a href="http:// <script src="">special video invitation to LIS students.

Good luck on those final projects, and we hope you’ll consider sending them to the blog after you’re done!  All submissions can be emailed to   Inquires are welcome.

Best Wishes,
The LHRT News and Notes Blog Team

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