Video of Library Desegregation Roundtable-February 7, 2019 -Columbus GA

The Columbus Museum (Georgia) has recently released the video of its Library Desegregation Roundtable – February 7, 2019 on YouTube.

Description: “In the summer of 1963, nearly 40 African American teenagers protested the segregation of Columbus’ public libraries through organized “read-ins.” Though they faced scorn and arrest, the young people continued their silent protests for weeks, leading to the libraries’ desegregation. For the first time together, four of the activists – Christine Dawson, Gwendolyn Jackson, Ibrahim Mumin, and Cleophas Tyson – will share their stories. This roundtable was moderated by Dr. Wayne A. Wiegand, author of The Desegregation of Public Libraries in the Jim Crow South. Learn more about this vital moment in local Civil Rights history with the people who lived it…”

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