The Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project: Uncovering the History Behind Loyola University Chicago’s First Library Catalogue

Enjoy reading about this intriguing project:

“The goal of the Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project is to uncover the history of the acquisition and use of Loyola’s original library books. It grew out of an initiative to reconstruct the earliest surviving library catalogue of St Ignatius College (founded 1870), the forerunner to Loyola University Chicago.” —From the About section

CILIP will be sponsoring a paper in London on this project later this year:

History of Libraries Seminar: Digital Rethinking 19th Century American Catholic Libraries

“Speaker: Professor Kyle Roberts (Loyola University, Chicago) Digital platforms, sources, and tools have changed the way we study libraries over the past few decades. The Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project at Loyola University Chicago is a collaborative digital research project that uses these digital affordances to write a new history of nineteenth-century American Catholic libraries and, in so doing, rethink American Catholicism.”

For more details:

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