From Print to Digital And Back Again: Three Decades of Lessons from a Library Newsletter

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From Print to Digital And Back Again: Three Decades of Lessons from a Library Newsletter
Wednesday, December 5, 2018

2pm Eastern (11am Pacific | 12pm Mountain | 1pm Central)


Description: UGA Law Library’s longstanding newsletter Amicus Briefs first saw circulation in 1984. At that time it was solely in print and included no more than a couple of items about new additions to the library collection and upcoming library instruction. More than 30 years later, the newsletter has evolved significantly. After a time of existing only in print (1984-1994), and a period of time being distributed both in print and online (1995-2001), it went through another phase of being distributed only electronically (2003-2014). In the past few years the print version has come back again (Spring 2015), experiencing a resurgence in popularity, especially with students. During its lifetime, the newsletter has not only changed formats and styles, but has also changed editors several times. Each new editor seems to at least partially influence the types of content included plus the technologies used for publication. Today the newsletter is issued both electronically and physically four times a semester and has even ventured into the realm of podcasting with five episodes since 2017.

This session will share the many lessons learned over the years by looking back in time at the newsletter’s rich history of content. It will also share current tools used for online and print publication, as well as assessing readership including Drupal, WordPress, MailChimp, Google Analytics and DataStudio, Piktochart, iTunes, YouTube, Feedburner, and Digital Commons.

About the Presenter:
Rachel Evans is currently the Metadata Services Librarian at UGA’s Alexander Campbell King Law Library, and for the past six years served as the Web Coordinator and Digital Media Specialist for the Law Library’s Information Technology department. Evans has contributed to library instruction ranging from technology-centered sessions to video tutorial creation. She also assists in archiving items in the law school repository Digital Commons, and is a member of the library’s public relations, web and systems teams. Evans has presented instructional technology and web-design related sessions at local, state and regional conferences, and regularly publishes in the national professional magazine Computers in Libraries. Prior to joining UGA Law Library, Evans got her start in libraries at LaGrange College’s Frank and Laura Lewis Library, and subsequently worked at two public libraries in Georgia’s Troup and Oglethorpe counties. Evans earned her MLIS from Florida State University in 2012, and holds Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Art and Music.

Can’t make it to the live show? That’s okay. The session will be recorded and available on the Carterette Series Webinars site for later viewing.
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