From DC to Nevada

Hello again,

I wanted to highlight several new contributions from LIS graduate students on our blog:


The Central Public Library: Washington, D.C.’s Other Library

By Katherine Monroe, San Jose State University

Ms. Monroe has given us an outstanding history of Washington DC’s Central Public Library, a library sometimes overshadowed by the Library of Congress, in this course paper.  Her essay is particularly fantastic because she brings her background in history and decorative arts to bear on the topic.


The Nevada State Library: Beginnings 1861-1935

By Joshua Owens, San Jose State University

 I appreciate Mr. Owens sharing one of his recent graduate school papers with the blog readership.  His paper is a thorough, primary source-based account of the early years of the Nevada State Library told by one of its current archivists.

The Era of Herbert Putnam and the Library of Congress: 1899-1939

By Amy Nykamp, San Jose State University

This well-written, well-organized paper opened my eyes to the full impact of Herbert Putnam, eighth Librarian of Congress, on libraries throughout the world.


Thanks so much to all the authors for sharing their work!



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